Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki, Atma Vidya Kshetram, Chennai Pranams to All the Divine Mothers (Divya Mata's) And Divine Children (Divya Prajaa's)! Our Gracious Universal Divine Mother, Aadi Brahmanda Shakthi, has incarnated to a new avatar as Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki, to protect all the children from the present Worldly Maya and to console, guide & elevate them to attain their life goals. The gracious mother gives darshan in Ananda swaroopam and blessing all the children with abundant health, wealth, relationship, peace, happiness and eternal bliss. With Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki's abundant Love and Grace, the Mahamayi Kshetram will create real miracles in her children’s life all over the world via awareness, harmony, peace, prosperity, happiness, bliss and one consciouness. Please join in various Loka Shemam charitable activities and sevas by offering rice, dal, food, oil etc towards Anna Dhanam, or sponsoring daily expenditures on sevas, sponsoring divine programs etc. Dear divine brothers and sisters, your involvement and generous contributions are very important to run this (Daivika) Godly Divine Awareness and Life Awareness Charitable activities programs. We have to expand the charitable activities to more and more people. Let us come together and create that wonderful life to ALL THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD. We need help and support from donors, sponsors and philanthropists in this noble service. Please join om mahamayi Satsangam, & do daily Sadana to lead you to the Ultimate Sangamam with our supreme mother Om Mahamayi. Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki, The Universal Divine Mother blesses all the children of this world to lead a wonderful life! Many life transforming sadanas are conducted for overall wellness of Children, Students, Youngsters, Parents and all at Mahamayi Atma Vidya mandiram, Chennai, India. Website: